Chris Gravely is an experienced freelance percussionist of 19+ years. He has studied drum set, hand drums, and classical percussion under various teachers such as John LaMattina, River Gueguerian, Michael Cebulski, Caleb Harron, Stuart Gerber, and Charles Settle. He has played/plays in a variety of groups such as The Dekalb Symphony Orchestra, Johns Creek Symphony Orchestra, Korean-American Symphony Orchestra, APO, GSO, Loner, The Tin Man, Chamber Cartel, Lola Cole, Indee Killed the Popstar, THE LOUDWALKERS, etc., in which he plays anything from found objects to timpani.

In addition to being a performer, Chris is also a composer of classical and contemporary music. He premiered his own piece, LIFE, in March of 2017. In addition to his solo album, Chris sound designed and composed the score for Dangerous Women, an immersive horror experience, with The Weird Sisters Theatre project, Sanctuaries and Fortresses, a live dance premier work by choreographer Anicka Austin, Birth of Pleasure, the film adaptation of Sanctuaries and Fortresses, the theme song for the podcast “We Out Here”, Frankenstein, an immersive theater experience by Found Stages, “Through Line”, a dance work by Choreographer Catherine Messina, “Glitch”, a dance film by Choreographer Thulani Vereen, Mi Casa, an award winning short film on HBO, by Cafecito Productions, Black is the Body, a dance film by Anicka Austin, Death of Two Birds, a live dance work by Anicka Austin, TWENTY, a documentary by Lev Omelchenko, as well as original music for his own collective, THE LOUDWALKERS. In addition to performing and composing, Chris strives to show others how they too can turn a gift into a way of life through teaching percussion and drum set in the Atlanta area.
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