Julia "Arneshuia" Nelson was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia where she began her intensive dance training under Sharon "Skepple" Mayfield, Bessie Award Winner (1999). Coupled with her classical training at Augusta Ballet, she graduated from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School with a focus solely on dance. At 17 years old, she was accepted in a class of 30 for the Boston Conservatory Dance Program. After some schooling, her professional dance career continued under the training of Garth Fagan in Rochester, New York until moving to Atlanta. She then furthered her education in dance pedagogy through teaching and training for multiple performing art studios. Currently performing for major studios, city projects, and choreographers, she has been working for a year on the Diversity Inclusion Project for The Atlanta Ballet. With a focus on Anatomy for Movement, she works towards a Personal Training Certification to bring movement and an overall healthier lifestyle accessible to everyone.
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